Welcome to Olivier Baby which is run and owned by Emma Davison and her sister Alice Smith. Our company was set up in November 2011 by Emma who was shortly joined by Alice. Emma is a knitter herself and as a team they design the pieces and put together the collections. Emma knits all the samples herself and they are rigorously put to the test by our five children.

We shared a wonderful childhood and hope more than anything that we can give the same to our children. Frighteningly our childhoods were a long time ago now but we remember them like it was yesterday, carefree, uncomplicated and an enormous amount of fun.

This is very much reflected in our designs, some of which have a distinctly nostalgic feel. Our shapes are classic and simple and our colours comforting and fresh. The designs are traditional but always with an element of fun, whether it be a heart on the bottom or stars on the elbows, a little something to make you smile.

As children we hated anything itchy or scratchy and although lots of things have changed this definitely hasn’t! All our wool is 100% cashmere so it feels just as good as it looks and your children will both love the way it looks and feels.

Our range is made both in the U.K. and Bulgaria. The hand knitted pieces are made in Bulgaria by a small team of knitters using the traditional two needle method. Each one is individually made and as such is a one off to be treasured and looked after and then handed on to the next person to enjoy.

We hope you will enjoy and love them as much as we have creating them.

Alice and Emma in their Liberty dresses.